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Do You want to learn Chinese language?

Volunteer’s Centre Skopje gives You fantastic opportunity for that by organizing Language Corner workshop in which You can meet closer with Chinese Language, Chinese culture, history, tradition and Chinese festivals. The purpose of this workshop is to present Chinese culture for making closer to the Macedonian Youth and Macedonian citizens in general. This workshop will start from Tuesday 8 May and it will end in the end of June. The workshops will be held twice per week on every Tuesday and Thursday from 16:00 to 17:30.  It will be organized in 16 sessions in which You can find out more about Chinese culture, history, tradition, traditional clothes and traditional food. Also will be organized basic mini Chinese language course in which You can learn some basic phrases, grammar and small font of words which are needed for basic communication in daily life. For any detailed information you can contact us by phone 02/ 2772-095 or by email: The participation is free!