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Clean your backyard first, and then look further

“Clean your backyard first, and then look further” – right? That was our motto this morning when we asked ourselves: What is wrong with us? In front of our eyes we see the home that is all of ours – why we want to live like this?

Today we gathered with our VCS family members, put our work aside for a moment and dedicated ourselves to something that impacts everyone`s lives. We collected two large trash containers; 20 cubic meters of trash plus several backs of recyclable bottles, cans and glass… and whatever you can imagine people are throwing to the ground.

The action left a slight sadness in our hearts but also a tiny bit of hope, maybe those eyes that saw how much effort we have put – they might adopt a new way of thinking and not to thrash the environment. Our eco-awareness is on the lowest possible level, but it is time that we start acting.  The lack of action of the municipalities and institutions of the Government should not discourage us.

On the contrary, our example should follow all: the youngsters, elderlies, left and right oriented, like these or like those. At the end, we breathe the same air. The very same Nature will return back equally, no matter who we are. We need more action, more voices raised and more visibility to wake up the people and those in charge to stop ignore the issues and start acting.

It`s been a sometime since this part of our community has been forgotten. We are available on demand if the authorities decide that this environment should get anew appearance: up to date, modern and more urban.

We are cooperating together with Za Pochista Makedonija.