Call for Volunteers for CSI “Nadez” : Social Work and Activities with Children

Volunteers can get involved in the work of their Youth Centre where they can help children with homework and schoolwork, make creative workshops, play social games, have outdoor activities, sports competitions and much more. It is upon your preferences to choose what kind of activities you would like to do and how often will you do them. You can volunteer once a week, month or even every day if you want.  In May a group of German youngsters are coming to build a playground together with local people so during that month you can also help with translation and communication between the German team and the locals. Making a tour and showing Skopje to the foreigners is also welcomed. A German volunteer, Lena, will introduce you to their work and will give full support for any of your volunteering ideas. The children will be very grateful for your efforts. And having FUN is guaranteed. Volunteer! Make a difference.

More info at and C.S.I. Nadez facebook page.
If you are interested, please contact Klara Ilieva at