A Different Winter Holiday by Marija Brzovska

The skiing began hesitantly, but after the first few moves confidence and trust was built among all participants. Thirty two young people from ten European countries, started working together quickly on defining the concept of conflict. We discussed about the conflicts we face in our life and work, and then tried to determine their positive and negative aspects. It was hard as one might think, but we did manage to find some positive sides! Fun was not excluded, as well. Life statues representing conflicts, “exhausting” energizers and provoking thoughts-sharing discussions in the late hours kept the group highly motivated for more challenging sessions. Somewhere on the half-way, the prisoner’s dilemma was on the table. We had to decide if we will all cooperate for the ‘common good’ or play in our own interest. Although, self-interest prevailed we all learned an important lesson about the difficulty of establishing cooperation in conflicts. In the end, we all exhibited the conflicts that bothered us and made a step forward towards diminishing their presence by planning projects. Within the “Youth in Action” program one may find a project that came out of here, very soon.
Tired and satisfied at the same time, I wrapped up my impressions and finished the lane learning about how to tackle conflicts and meeting wonderful people. A word was given that the friendly relationships won’t stop then and there. And for the first time in my life this proved to be true! N.B. The organizers and the trainers deserved recognition for guiding us successfully to the end through the different levels of the conflict transformation cycle. For their devotion they received handmade certificates signed by all participants. A nice way to say THANK YOU to the people that make things happen, don’t you think?! Title of the Training Course organized with support of Youth in Action Programme.
Dates: 03-10.02 2012
Organized by BLINK KOSOVO.