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Call for ideas on creating a better community | Skopje SOUP

Skopje SOUP is coming for the third time, this time in Strumica. Do you have an idea that would solve the problems you face in society? If you want to take action and get closer to your community, keep reading.

The SOUP concept, created in the USA, has now spread to almost 200 cities around the world. The goal is to create a community of support, with people donating and voting on a project to be funded. This time, VCS will organize it together with Europe house from Strumica, on 6.10.

Simply, how does it work?

  1. Audience will donate a symbolic fee of 100 denars at the entrance of the event.
  2. The speakers will present their idea to improve the community, all of them have 4 minutes.
  3. The audience votes for the best idea – the winner gets the collected money.
  4. We share soup, and have an opportunity to meet, get to know each other, and exchange our ideas. This point is the heart of SOUP, to find friends and possible partners for your project, socialize and get to know your local community!

Be a speaker

This is where you come in, with your idea to make a change. Maybe by putting more trashcans around your neighborhood, or by creating game days for the elderly? The choice is yours. You will have 4 minutes to present your idea to the audience. Your age or nationality won’t stand in the way, just make sure you are able to be in Strumica on 6.10. Transport from Skopje will be provided.

Apply with the form here | Deadline for applications 26.9.2022