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Annual Report 2021

Another year in VCS passed by and we are looking back to sum up what has been done, what new has come up and what we have achieved. After the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the world started to move more dynamically again last year, bringing us projects, travels, and meetings face to face with the people. From virtual we moved back to physical, taking into consideration all the safety measures that are still existing in the world. What has been cancelled and postponed, was moved from 2020 to 2021, so we can say that we have been very busy, but happy to be able to do so much again. We kept being focused on work and mutual cooperation with people all around Europe, promoting the idea of voluntarism and providing opportunities for everybody. Our organization officially turned 15 and every little thing we accomplished was like a small celebration of our 15th birthday. We are thankful to all of our partners and volunteers for being part of this very successful journey through this exceptional for us year.

Now we are giving you our Annual Report 2021, where in numbers, pictures, words you can see how VCS has been doing!

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