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All Aboard the MentorShip

Volunteers Centre Skopje is part of the project “All Aboard the MentorShip”. The project is funded by the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, and is implemented by the organization “Info Front – Prilep”

Main goal of the project is to train youth workers in the field of mentorship by sharing good practices and ideas, to raise the quality of mentoring within the ESC support structure, while offering excellent quality to ESC volunteers.

Part of objectives is:

  • Develop a strong connection between mentors & volunteers
  • Find new ways for volunteers to be motivated and inspired
  • Teach mentors different tools and methods for support
  • Offer a space for sharing experiences and good practices amongst mentors
  • Expand the network between the organizations who are working with ESC
  • Support new and returning ESC volunteers

As part of the activities, a training course was conducted in Prilep from 16-22.08.21, and was organized by the organization “Info Front – Prilep” where Volunteers Centre Skopje participated with its representative.

The training resulted in a Mentor Handbook PDF that contains guidelines and tools that will strengthen the capacity of current and future mentors and help them work more successfully with ESC volunteers.