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¡Adiós Macedonia, hola España!

Two months, 7 Spanish VET students and a rescued street dog.

After finishing their degree in tourism in Barcelona, the group of 7 wanted to gain some practical experience. So two months ago they came to Skopje to do internships in hotels and travel agencies. But besides work there was plenty of time for fun! They enjoyed a group trip to Lake Ohrid and they even adopted a street puppy. We shared love for the cheap Macedonian restaurants and hanging out in the city park.

Whenever a party was happening, our Spanish friends were ready to join. They even traveled to Serbia for a techno festival. They leave with an improved English level, international work experience and friends that will be happy to welcome them again.

Xavi, Nil, Carolina, David, Victor, Sheila and Paula: Thank you for jumping into Macedonian craziness. “Nos vemos” in Macedonia, Spain or some other beautiful place!