You are currently viewing 4 VET students from Spain has arrived!

4 VET students from Spain has arrived!

Say “Holla” to the new Spanish VET Student, that just arrive straight from Barcelona, they will be working in a company doing activities related to international trades, sports activities, and IT help in VCS office. Now let´s introduce them:

  • Nil, 19 years old, our IT man, he chooses Macedonia after seeing the first option denied after he saw some pictures online of the beautiful nature and the landscapes and give a chance to see with his own eyes.
  • Aina, 25 years old, one of the girls that we will “see” making trades with other countries, in 2020 she had planned to visit Macedonia but covid appear and need to post-pone, her love for this part of Europe, is so big that couldn’t miss again this opportunity to visit Macedonia.
  • Marta, 18 years old, if you want to do something related to sport, is the girl to talk to. She didn´t planned to visit Macedonia, but given an opportunity, so she could visit a new country.
  • Leyla, 19 years old, is another of the girls that will be working with international trades. In the beginning, Macedonia wasn´t her first option, but like Nil, she need to see with her own eyes, how beautiful is the country.