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The day that should last all year

Do you remember the moment when you fulfilled what you wished? Well, even more? The feeling that gives you peace and joy, so you say to yourself this must be constant? We experienced that on December 5, 2021. We turned the International Volunteer Day and our 15th birthday into a successful working party. When you combine happy faces, warm hearts and hardworking hands…

Humanity, volunteerism, action – these were our guides for the day we should live all year.. With the friends from “Za Pochista Makedonija/For a Cleaner Macedonia”, and with the support of the Municipality of Kisela Voda, we merged the beautiful and the useful. We opened the House of Culture in Kisela Voda, a place that for decades represented to the elderly residents of the neighborhood much more than just a “local community” or cinema hall. The renovated building that was conceived as a Community Center which should have a Youth Center, library, cinema and many other activities for all generations has been neglected for years and is waiting for another renovation. On Sunday we reminded ourselves how nice it would be if that place really turned into a gathering place for young people, adults, ideas and initiatives.

Parents with small children and other residents who donated clothes and food for those who are not lucky enough to grow up in a healthy family and in a warm home, reminded us that humanity has not left us. It’s quite the opposite – it is here waiting for a moment to come out of us. Food bags were to be found for socially disadvantaged families. To let them feel part of the New Year’s magic. To make them feel that they are not left alone. We collected 20 bags of 120 liters each with clothes and food. Something that it’s not worth to us – it’s a luxury for others.

Young people who do not want to live with apathy and are ready to contribute to changing society. They wanted to hear how to get involved in the volunteer actions we organize, how to upgrade themselves, how to get from the non-formal education we offer, how to get acquainted with our projects, how to become part of them, part of us… For 15 years we have been working to promote young people, to improve their knowledge and skills that the whole society will benefit from. And we are not tired. We continue stronger than ever.

Furthermore, we will continue with the environmental actions. Now we have cleaned Rasadnik because it is considered one of the largest green areas in the city. The mechanization of the Municipality of Kisela Voda was of great help. Mayor Orce Gjorgjievski gave a personal example in the battle for a healthy and clean environment. Part of Rasadnik is a hidden corner for drug addicts, who leave piles of syringes and other medical waste. It should be collected very carefully so as not to spread infection. That is why it was dealt with by the experts from “HOPS – Healthy Living Options”. More than two tons of waste were collected at the end of the action. This part of Kisela Voda, and every place in Macedonia can remain clean only if we all behave carefully, responsibly and with love.

And so, full of impressions and positive feelings, we ended the day. The energy we received from the citizens is the biggest proof that together we can make a change. Or as our partners from “Za Pochista Makedonija/For a Cleaner Macedonia” say – “Don’t look for a role model, be one”.

Goran Adamovski