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Call for a “Peer Act“ training course!

Volunteers Centre Skopje is looking for 8 participants (16-23 years old) from Macedonia who want to take part in the project “Peer Act“.

Place and Dates:
1st mobility – 17.01.2022 – 23.01.2022 / online
2nd mobility – 6.03.2022 – 13.03.2022 / Struga, Macedonia
3rd mobility – autumn 2022 / Brussels, Belgium

!! There might be possible changes regarding the project dates depending on the current situation with COVID-19 !!

About the project:
The first part of the project is the “Thematic Awareness Training (TAT)” and will be organized as online training.

Youth in the partnership countries discriminates and shows intolerance towards their peers (based on religion, gender, ethnicity, race, disability, or sexual orientation or simply not fitting the social norms). Our solution is to scale up the implementation of the “A world of difference–AWODTM” anti-bias training program.

70 participants will be trained in 4 groups, by 2 certified trainers/group of +-25 participants. The training will follow the “AWOD pedagogical program” that leads to:

  • Developing self-awareness of participants’ personal and cultural identity;
  • Developing appreciation for socio-cultural diversity;
  • Developing empathy, critical thinking, and communication skills;
  • Recognizing own and others’ stereotypes and prejudices and their manifestations;
  • Examining own roles in perpetuating or confronting discrimination;
  • Identifying personal and group actions for change;
  • Transferring and disseminating the earning.

In the months following the TAT, for being certified by EPTO as “Peer Certified”, participants will organize short anti-discrimination workshops in their home communities (at least 6 hours), using the training methodology.

Later 5-day international mobility will take place in Macedonia in March 2022, with all participants who will have organized their short local workshops. 70 participants will be trained for 5 days in 3 groups, by 2 certified trainers/group of +-25 participants.

Between the training in Macedonia and the training in Belgium, participants will have to implement local workshops that will last at least 25 hours.

The third and last training will take place in Brussels, Belgium in autumn 2022. 50 participants from the initial group, who have shown the best results in the follow-up activities of C2 (local implementations) and the appropriate motivation, will be trained for 5 days by 2 certified trainers/group of 25 participants.

At the end of the training, participants will receive the EPTO AWOD Manual for peer trainers and become “Peer Certified”, which allows them to facilitate longer workshops promoting non-discrimination, tolerance, solidarity and equality in youth environment back home.

All safety procedures and recommendations will be followed concerning COVID-19.

More information: INFOPACK

Project partner: EPTO – Belgium

Technical details:
The project is funded by ERASMUS+, so all travel costs will be reimbursed according to Erasmus+ regulations.
Accommodation and food will be provided.

How to apply?

  1. Send an e-mail to
  2. Write the project title in the subject line (eg. Application for “Peer Act”)
  3. Present yourself shortly and point out which project you are interested
  4. Attach your CV in English
  5. Attach motivation letter in English, answering at least to the following questions
    • Who are you?
    • How old are you?
    • Why do you want to participate?
    • How do you want to contribute to the project?

Application deadline: 13.12.2021

The applicants will be informed after the deadline when the selection of the participants is final.