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Youth School for Youth Workers

The purpose of this training was to train people to work in the field of youth thorough the methods of working with young people, both in theoretical and practical work. In the countries of the partner organizations there is no formal training for youthworkers, and this type of training was more than desirable.
The aim of the training was to support the development of competencies of people and partner organizations working with young people. Through non-formal learning, participants from different backgrounds develop their personal, professional and intercultural competence. The training brought together people from different cultures and religious backgrounds, and establish mutual cooperation, exchange of experience specific to individual countries and the exchange of experiences in the field of youth. Cooperation on the project resulted in the reduction of intercultural prejudice and foster tolerance among people of different cultural and religious backgrounds.
A special feature of this training was also the participation of people with disabilities. Through the training is given an opportunity to all partners to present their experience in working with young people through the example of methods used in the work of their organizations and to start a network expansion to transfer knowledge and skills in the field of methods of youth work in the civilian sector. Best regards, Svetlana Marijon, President