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Youth Exchange CUTE 2019

Opportunity for Macedonians! (Deadline 09.06.2019)

Looking for 6 participants (16 -21) Macedonia

Feeling cute? CUTE as in cooperative, understanding, tolerant and empowered? Apply to our youth exchange! Workshops, games and intercultural encounters will broaden your horizon, develop your personal and professional skills and bring a lot of fun. Meet other young people from Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria and spend some wonderful and productive days in Struga.

The youth exchange aims to improve young peoples personal and professional skills regarding intercultural cooperation and self-awareness. The exchange will have a strong focus on intercultural learning and each group will have one evening to present their country, culture and cuisine.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to raise the awareness of young people for their personal and community values.

  • to highlight shared values and initiate tolerance and acceptance for other cultures

  • to empower them to realize needs, plan and take actions and make a change in their

    smaller or larger communities.

Curious? Apply now with CV and motivation letter:

(Both in English; Motivation letter: age, who are you?, why do you want to participate?, How can you contribute?)