When informal surpasses formal: Turkish experience

Luckily, we got our way through the airports , and to city Adana where the coordinator  of the project should have waited for us in order to take us to the terminal destination.  While we  were waiting, covered with “we aren’t from here “ facial expressions  that showed us up (as the coordinator mentioned later , it was how he recognized us), we met with 2 girls, that had the same expressions in combination with an extrinsic light complexion, who happened to be our course-colleagues  from Russia. On the way to the little town, in a van full of women, most of them from Eastern Europe together with representatives from the host-organization, I must mention  that a crazy thought rang a bell in my mind- human trafficking. The darkness spread  by the night  and the surrounding that  followed us through the way, offered a view near to “the end of the world” one,  that did not help  the paranoiac assumptions of mine  to go away.  Concluding that the global hysteria and skepticism probably did not exclude  me from their radioactive field , after an introductory spontaneous acquainting, humor and a couple of quips, the suspicions faded away.  
In the next few days (I could probably write a novel about the trip or at least a scenario, but the point is  fitting on 2 pages), as we were getting to know each other better (with the girls and boys from Holland, France, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Belorussia, the host-Turkey) I understood that even though we came from different  countries , we share the same fears and passions for the  occurrences swallowing  the globe (or at least the European continent , which we had the opportunity to see even more analytically from Asian soil). While vivid books  apprised from different backgrounds, were sitting next to me every day, I felt that history could not be read, nor speculated,  but could be told only by human (who has lived it, or lives its consequential dis/accommodations). Due to the fact  that diversity was everywhere, the profile of world leader that we framed through this training course, that I can freely name as seminar (even an academic one), gained  characteristics  that aspired toward objectivity. Additionally, the profile-draft  was even practically  supported by living examples – heads of town (mayor, governors)  from the Osmaniye province (where Kadirli is situated) who we had the opportunity to meet in person.

The organization and hospitality , the pleasant company and devotion of the participants, the introduction to the skills and practice, the walks through history and productivity of the place (Karatepe open museum from 8 c. BC, Valley of the radishes, the workshop-store for handmade carpet weaving etc),  the local people who wholeheartedly  uttered their excitement over the visitors (as it was mentioned  to us before, Europeans have not came there for a long time)… made me  feel more than welcomed and extra motivated(that the group positive energy  confirmed as a general mood). After the traditional meals and drinks, spontaneous dances on random local weddings that took place in our hotel, gifted, we came back, flattered by loveliness from the homely warm grates, in untouched natures (recreative complex in a national park, where we were located half of the time).
Through the cultural shock days, I had  an opportunity of  exploring my own tolerance and stereotype barriers. Finally and truly, I learned that people are products   of social surroundings in which they exists, as much as they recall on open-mindness.  Because of this, a constant reconsideration is crucial,  relentless work on one-self, and mobility in order of meeting differences and understanding of the world. In conclusion,  the mobility that I did not  find in the formal educational systems’ offerings, I manage to find here in the informal sphere  that genially opens horizons , surpassing closed covers and sentences compatible for full stop. The truth grows lavishness when it is shared. Paradoxically, at the same time, the real  things  in our life , no word, nor picture could suitably  articulate without the feeling and without the immediate presence. Leaving  the lavishness  packed in memory, I conciliate. As for you reader, I present you the  challenge to discover new groundings,  different rectitude and presence.
Ivana Stojkovska