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Welcome to Hugo from France


I’m Hugo, a new volunteer from France (again)! I’m 18, and I live in a small village on the West side of France. I’ve travelled a lot during my childhood, especially in Asia, where I discovered a lot of new cultures and met new people. I was a sound engineer student in Rennes before dropping out because it didn’t suit me well, although music is my passion.

I was looking for a job in Marseille when I discovered Eurocircle and VCS, and… I’m here! Volunteering has always been on my bucket list, especially abroad. Now I’m so glad to be here and very determined to provide the best for the magazine.

Apart from that, I am fond of music, basketball and chess. I also love to read historical and spiritual books as I enjoy history.

I came here less than 24 hours ago but wow, what a country! I liked the landscape I saw from the airplane, and the people here are just fantastic. Everyone is very welcoming, and I already feel very safe in this new city.

I take this chance to gain autonomy and meet new people while taking a break from France’s life.

Чао чао!

Hugo Lhomedet