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Welcome to Carole from France

Bonjour à tous•te•s

My name is Carole. I’m 24 years old, and I come from Toulouse, in Occitània, the southern part of France between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. For 24 years of my life, I lived in the same house, in the same place with all my friends and family. I never really moved from my city and this dream of travelling around the world, discovering new cultures and meeting new international people, new international friends.. I’ve always kept it since my early childhood.

Actually, I said 24 years, but it’s most likely 23 years. Before coming here to Macedonia and VCS, I was already a volunteer in Augsburg, Bavaria, for seven months. I was working in a solidary café where I was cooking French specialities and trying (failing) latte art on cappuccinos. But most importantly, I was also helping refugees with the Tuer an Tuer association through German conversation afternoons and cultural events for better integration in the country.

This volunteering experience was such a turning point in my life that I couldn’t just go home like that after its end. That is why I decided to catch a new volunteering opportunity in Macedonia. This time, in a country and a region that I knew nothing about.

It has been four days since I arrived. Still, ever since I landed a foot on Macedonian ground, I wanted to learn everything about the country’s cultural background, history, and traditions, which seem so different from what I experienced in France. I already feel warmly welcomed by everyone from the VCS family. I can’t wait to go through this new two months adventure with them.

Apart from all of that, I’m a huge dog-lover. I like to draw in my free time or during meetings and classes (oops!). I also love to listen to old stories and legends, horror movies with spirits and taro bubble tea.

Cе гледаме во Скопје!

Carole Alibert