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Welcome, Taika – our new volunteer from Finland!

Moi! My name is Taika, I come from Helsinki. I’ve visited Macedonia a few times before, as well as VCS. This time I wanted to see it more from inside the organization. So I’m excited to finally be here for the next year.

I’ve worked as a practical nurse in Finland. Even though that’s kind of my passion, I wanted to try something different from what I’m used to. Here I have the perfect chance to do it (and travel at the same time!).

I’m definitely not one to stay still. You’d find me going  around random places and talking to random people. I think that’s the best part of traveling since you can always learn so much from other people. I’m also always up for playing cards and other games or going for a coffee in the city. I’m excited to see all the things this trip has to offer and make it a memorable year!

Taika Soihtu