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Welcome Selina, the new EVS volunteer from Finland!

Moi! I’m Selina, 23 years old media-assistant from Finland. I didn’t get a chance to work in my field back home, so for a year and a half I worked as a construction painter, but it wasn’t enough for me, even I enjoy to put my hands in a physical work. My dreams in life is to work in different fields abroad, travel a lot to see all the cultural and environmental differences in all over the world. Backup plan is to end up to be crazy cat lady, since I left my two cats behind me and already miss the company of them.

So far I have been in Macedonia for 6 days, and in that time I have learn how big cultural differences there are comparing to Finland. That’s one of the reasons I decided to do my EVS here, I wanted to jump out from my comfort zone in to a new exiting place, to open my eyes for many possibilities in life. Also I wanted to wake up my inner media-assistant back to life, and here’s a great chance to do so, since I’m going to work with VOICES magazine. For me, the most interesting part of my profession is video production, editing and writing, to produce about subjects that matter.

Even though I already have little homesickness knocking in the back of my head, I know I’m going to have a great time here in Skopje, with possibilities to learn more every day, to boldly go in to a year of my EVS project.