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Welcome Çağla from Türkiye!

Hello! My name is Çağla. It means green almond; my mother chose this name for me to be always fresh and in the excitement of starting things new. So, I keep that in my mind every time, I try to keep my life fresh, remove the things that are not good for me, and make it my philosophy to always be renewed and vibrant.

I am 23 years old. I live in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. I have a regular life, but I love crazy things, traveling and trying new things. My friends generally appreciate my courage and adaptability when I tell them about the events I experienced. I thought that I could make good memories at VCS by having a new experience, meeting new people and cultures.

I graduated from the industrial design department this summer. Designing is my passion. Since my childhood, I have loved creating things, and visualizing my thoughts. I have always thought that a person should do a job they enjoy. I think we can have a much more productive and developing world if people do their job not out of necessity but to really benefit something. For this reason, I chose this department so that I could use my creativity in my profession and decided to turn my career life into an environment that I love very much.

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