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We all are made of Stories

From the secrets of public speech to writing stories, training course gives opportunity for gaining knowledge through working with professionals, wonderful thing that has а great advantage. Despite personal building of ourselves, all participants will try to share the gained experience with other people in their countries. Especially interesting was the second day of the training course, when there was workshop with one of the most known Latvian actresses. Practical advices from Zana were precious thing, because they gave answers to some problems of individuals from the group, giving opportunity for resolving the difficulties that are part of their everyday working activities. The third day of the training course in Lacites opened the question of learning skills than can help to everyone how to become storyteller. As a tool for personal growth of the individuals, storytelling gives opportunity for active participation in making stories from the hole group of participants, who are transformed from passive listeners to active creators of stories. If in this modern tool we put the point of reaching personal growth, then the result from the previous days is more than positive. Personal growth is nice way of changing things in our community. Bojan Blazevski