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Volunteering opportunities embrace the differences and unite!

My name is Miroslav and I am from Macedonia, a small country located in the middle of The Balkans. Like in every other county in the world the sun in Macedonia also rises in the East and it sets up in the West. Nothing special right! Well wrong! Everything can be special if you are willing to make every single moment worth of remembering.

Long story short if you are in a situation to visit Macedonia DO IT, do not hesitate. Anyway I have decided to embrace the differences and here I am standing in Arad, taking place in an Erasmus + project called E.Y.E (Enact Youth Education). It is a very unusual and interesting city. So far it has been nothing more but welcoming to me! I have met a lot of friendly faces which is more than clear that they will be carved in my memory as a good heartwarming people.

Enact Youth Education is a project where we work with kids that have certain disabilities. Taking place in Santa Maria (school) I am teaching music, English, art and many other things by using non formal educational methods. As the days are passing by the kids started to embrace our methods more and more which is a wonderful thing. I am here only for a month but I have a strong positive feeling that this will be another amazing experience for me on which I’m looking forward!

Cheers good people! Go out and explore the world I dare you!