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VOICES September 2023

September carries a bittersweet feeling of summer’s end and the arrival of fall. It evokes images of changing seasons, with leaves turning vibrant colors and temperatures cooling down. The month holds a certain calmness as the pace of life shifts, and it’s a time for reflection and preparation for the months ahead.

For the reflection, you will find interesting topics about the dark side of the Internet, such as Youen’s topic of the month article “Big Brother is watching you” which sheds light on the concerning lack of privacy, while Georgina’s “Dark side of social media” highlights the disturbing spread of disinformation. It’s urging us to be cautious, critical, and mindful of the information we encounter. The September edition of VOICES gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge with Elif’s psychology topic “Halo effect” which explores how we form our own judgments. You can have the last taste of summer and delve into Aruba’s culinary diversity and delights with Chantal. Discover the effects of personality tests and astrology, take a look at the experience of being away from home, and get insights into karate and the volleyball world.

Embrace autumn with an open mind and explore something new in our new edition. Here’s to a wonderful start of the fall season!

Aleksandra Szumielewicz

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