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VOICES October

Октомври, Październik, Tetor, Lokakuu, Octubre, Oktoober, different names for one of the most diverse month in year. The month where the nature shows the last beauty before going to sleep for winter.  So here we are, Voices is diverse just like October. With a team consisted of people from Macedonia, Poland, Estonia, Spain and Finland we are sharing with you our points of view for the things that surround us. This edition we talk a lot about what we can do for other people. Aida, our former volunteer tells about her 10 months experience with Roma children in Shutka. On the other side, we try to remind of ethic aspect of volunteering taking into consideration phenomena like voluntourism. What’s more, our VCS family became bigger, Selina, the new volunteer will share with you interesting stories about her beautiful homeland – Finland. We know that autumn can be also depressing so we want you to be aware of mental health and reminds you that there is nothing wrong in asking for help when you don’t feel okay.  It’s perfect time to put your wool socks, make a warm cup of tea and enjoy the VOICES October magazine.