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VOICES November 2023

Hereby we mark the start of November. It might just be that time of the year to sit down, lean back and relax. With colder days and even colder nights, it has become clear that the summer days have passed. No matter what, we have to try to make the most of every day. Although, for some that might be at home or for others out and about, there might just be no better time to delve into the world of VOICES. 

Taking you through an array of intriguing articles; from heartwarming stories to the bitter reality of our environmental problems. Starting with the topic of the month we take a look at the incredible depths of the Caribbean seas, with “The Nature Of Freediving”, by Alexander. Something relaxing and entertaining to set your eyes on. In contrast, to open our eyes, Taika brings us the hard truth of how microplastics are taking over our daily lives, being in the food we eat and even the air we breathe, in her article “Plastic rain”. To build up our spirits we can follow the advice of Aleksandra, which she offers us in “Affirming Positivity”. This diversity carries on throughout VOICES, where we will be covering sports, sciences, opinions, cultures, reportages and Erasmus+. 

As we near the end of our introduction, your curiosity satisfied, we wish you the best reading through the rest of the articles. Don’t hesitate to prepare yourself a hot chocolate, grabbing yourself a bite and snuggling with a blanket, before reading further through the November edition VOICES!

Alexander van der Velden

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