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VOICES May 2021

Hey, it’s May!

What do you think about May? Isn’t it a very special month? Did you know that no other month of a given year starts or ends on the same day of the week as May does? May is a month full of change. In May the climate changes, the society changes, our brains change, feelings change, people change, the main actress of his favorite Netflix series changed, we change, you change, I change and you change again. Maybe we should change the beginning of the year to the 1st of May. It would be at least a unique weekday for a beginning. Or even better, we should change our concept of time right away. This “beginning and ending” –  nonsense is getting annoying anyways. There is nothing like beginning or ending, we are just too primitive to grasp that. But not in May, in May we are smart and forget all we’ve got taught for the sake of not feeling lost in this threatening place we call world. The world changes in May!

Maybe May will set us free. Maybe May is nothing but an excuse. Maybe May starts with reading an article that’s gonna inspire you! Maybe May will be the beginning of your year.

May this edition of Voices be with you!

Christopher Machold