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VOICES March 2023

March – the month for celebrating women and daylight! While you are changing your clocks and are welcoming springtime warmly, remember to still enjoy the last minutes of wintertime, because it’s almost over!


Guess what is an appreciated part of Balkan culture and even healthy if drunken responsibly in small doses? If you are not sure, get into comfortable position and educate yourself by reading the article “Rakija – Magic of the Balkans”. Or if you are more into movies, check out the review about a film adaption of “All Quiet on the Western Front” to get the most out of it.


As women’s day approaches, it’s a perfect time to focus more on equality. Are you maybe interested in women’s entrepreneurship? Or do you want to break taboos concerning abortion? Take a look at this month’s VOICES edition and don’t forget to change the clock – no excuses for being late to work this time.


I hope that you will get the most out of this month full of light!


Katariina Weijo


March 2023