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VOICES June 2024

Time is passing so fast. I feel like it’s speeding up. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but sometimes the world seems to change faster than before. Maybe it’s because I’m aging. Maybe it’s also because information systems work faster, social media are always more instant and you can be connected with the other side of the world in a few seconds. The future looks dangerous, climatic change and impact of human activity on the environment presses us to change our habits and to think from today to tomorrow. I feel that we live more in urgency. The urgency to find solutions for our future, because we are seeing right now the consequences. And these consequences will be assumed by the future generations. “Gen Z”, and then “Gen Alpha” are already among us. You are surely from these generations, like me. So we can say that our future is at stake now.

These words may sound pessimistic, but we also should be optimistic for the future. Because a lot of innovations are created and solutions proposed. The new generation really wants to change things and doesn’t want to stay here and just watch their future be consumed. We have so many ideas and the possibility to share them in the world. So yes, maybe the world is speeding up, and problems come faster but solutions too. 

I think we need to find a happy middle, between the reality of a fast world and our need to breathe. To find our space, where time is stopping, and where we can take the time to enjoy what the world can give us: culture, nature, friends, family, or knowledge. Technology gives us the possibility to meet people from all over the world, listen to new music, gain new knowledge, and above all find and share solutions. It’s our responsibility now to use this speed well.

Augustin Magaud