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Le vent se lève! … Il faut tenter de vivre!* (Le cimetière marin – Paul Valéry, 1920)

Sun is shining, temperatures are rising and people are escaping to the sea: welcome to July! It’s now the time to relax, party or enjoy a good sunbath (but remember to stay hydrated!).

While everyone is enjoying the feeling of hot sand on their feet, they might not be aware that sand is actually in crisis and that it is very concerning for the future of our cities. You can find more details in Sand is running out.

If summer doesn’t bring you positive vibes like everyone, chill. It’s okay, you cannot go full throttle everyday. To comfort you I suggest you to look up for Toxic Positivity or In the claws of sadness articles.

Are you smoking? If so, check A million reasons to stop smoking. Please.

You can also travel with Trobades – an interesting insight in the culture of Agres or learn about Colombia’s Reincarnation, and many other interesting topicsin this July’s edition of VOICES!

My Macedonian experience is about to end but I will (maybe) see you in the future!

We do hope that your summer is doing great, that you and your family are staying healthy and we wish you all the best!

Hugo Lhomedet

*The wind rises! … We must try to live! (The Graveyard by the sea – Paul Valéry, 1920)

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