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VOICES January 2022

How time is flying! We are already in the new year of 2022.

Technically speaking, it’s not one year that changes, but one day. Yet we like to use this new number as an occasion to work on ourselves: Should I go to the gym more often? This year I will eat healthily and spend more time with my family!  

It’s arguable if our resolutions come true, but New Year’s tends to open the conversation about the past year! Globally speaking, Covid was still a constant part of our lives. However, summer gave us back international events like the Eurovision Song Contest, Pride Parades, and the Euro Cup. What were your highlights?

But the new year also provides goodbyes right at the beginning. Six long-term volunteers will leave Macedonia and go back to Poland, France, and Germany.

For VOICES, we dived into the world of fast fashion and discovered the background of pyjamas. Also, we have a special focus on music this edition: The diverse Eurovision Junior Contest, the problem with streaming services, and how Adele tricked the music industry.

Hugs to everybody and thank you for being with us during 2021!

Clarissa Leute

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