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VOICES February 2019

Love, Љубов, Dashuri, Rakkaus, Armastus, Liebe, Amor, Amour

After settling down to the new year of 2019, let’s welcome February as the month of love. After all, Valentine’s day takes place in February.  Even though it’s the day of loved ones and friends, love does not always prevail as you can read in “The relationships that never happened in the end”, but then to lift the mood, “Head in the clouds” and “The story of love at first sight” lead you all the way through love and friendships in the Erasmus+ world. However, let’s not forget keep ourselves active because you can always learn something new. And love can be a great motivator to learn. A new language for example, get inspired and learn how to learn with our topic of the month: “Throw out your grammar books and start learning!” and with “Language learning – loving, connecting, expanding”. If you like art you will love “The hidden street artist in Estonia”, and „Приказната на „Најсиромавнот богаташ“. This month is full of diversity and feelings so give your loved ones a warm hug and open the fresh edition of Voices!