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VOICES December 2020

For the 15th anniversary of the creation of Volunteers Centre Skopje, let’s go back to the future! Nikola Stankoski (Director and Founder of VCS) provides us with a unique insight into the origins of this pioneering NGO. He shares with us the spark that ignited his willingness to initiate this adventure with communicative good vibes.

This month, we take you once again far away for a journey to the ends of our world! Are you ready to take off to Brazil, then to beautiful Brittany, the only far west without cow-boys? But maybe you just got sick and tired of traveling by aircraft. No worries, as they say in Australia, we have a tailor-made solution for you. You could just decide to board a sailing boat and travel the seven seas with your partner instead. Being ashore may well be a most welcome relief for our minds.

Then, let’s widen our perspectives and understand how therapy can take on different forms and methods. For instance, have you ever imagined that art could be helpful for some people?
Alternatively, you could also try even horror movies and face your fears (should you be a daredevil).

Despite this is a quite spoken topic, empowering women is definitely a constant work in progress, present in theater plays and contraception issues. Last but not least, have you ever wondered what is the connection between banking and cheese?

We hope you will enjoy this ultimate 2020 edition as much as we enjoyed shaping it, Arrivederci!

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