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VOICES August 2023

It’s already August… Have you ever wondered where this name came from? The month of August is named after Caesar Augustus, the first emperor of Rome. Auger means “to increase, to grow” in Latin. What a great month for inspiration!

Chloé’s article “Leaving and saying goodbye: the inevitable step in volunteering”, which is the topic of this month, is the best thing to read as we say goodbye to the summer. You can find many good feelings and some sadness in it.

Inspiration is exactly what you’ll find in another Voices edition. You can read about Youen’s Erasmus+ experiences on the youth exchange “Struga: Seven Days to Understand Human Diversity” and in Nina’s article “‘Living abroad for the first time for the first time’’ by Nina, who is currently working as a volunteer in Germany. With Ola, you can discover the Japanese philosophy of “The Power of Kaizen”, which is based on the motto of “Change for the better”. If you’re interested in Japanese culture, you’ll also like Dorotea’s book Repairing Hearts: Artistic Healing in Japanese Culture by Sashiko. This month we put a strong emphasis on culture and you can find more information on this in the article “7 million years of history” of Taika. culture”. Language is one of the biggest parts of culture, and I’m sure you will find Marcel’s article “Kaleidoscope of Slavic Languages” interesting.

We hope you have a nice summer mood, make good memories with your loved ones, and enjoy new Voices this month!

Elif Akdogan