You are currently viewing Treasure of Shuto Orizari – event in Mala Scena in Universal Hall, 27th of March

Treasure of Shuto Orizari – event in Mala Scena in Universal Hall, 27th of March

The event started with the entrance of the guests in lobby of the universal hall, where there were the exhibition of the pictures and the art craft of the children of the Daily centre and CSI Nadez. After, the guests and the audience moved up stairs in the Mala Scena and we begin the event with presentation of Volunteers Centre Skopje and the both association where we do voluntary activities, the Daily Centre and CSI Nadez. We continued with the show of the children from Nadez and Daily centre, which made two different choreographies. They were a mix of 3 traditional song (Macedonian, Albanian and Roma song) for the first group and (Macedonian, Roma and Macedonian song) for the other group. After them we had the pleasure to have the group “String Riders” who make also a great performance. It was interactive and the public was singing along with them. After the singing, we closed the event with all of the children dancing together on the stage. This event was organized as contribution and showing of the results of the nine month of work of our volunteer from France, Nacera Dahes, with the children from the Daily centre and CSI Nadez. We have to thank the children and the Daily centre and CSI Nadez for their participation in the project. We also give special thanks to the responsible people in Universal Hall for giving us the space for the performance and to Arbo Travel, for organizing the trip of the children from Shuto Orizari to the place of the event and back and their on-going support to humanitarian events.