Training course in Sovata, Romania

The participants of the training were divided in four mixed groups, and every activist group take part in the creation of website, hosting social media blogs. My group have choose a topic for school dropping, so each group made video about the problem in their society, and that problem was presented to the improvised mayor. As a activist group we held conference, public forums, campaigns and meetings with the mayor. This course was really useful for me, because firstly I meet new people, intercultural experience, and built capacity and gain new experience in the field of active participation and media literacy with the aim to become more active in the life of the community. Representing the problem in our society as activist group, we become more aware about the community organizing, online activism and active involvement. This training course was really positive change for me, to be more motivate and to participate in the community. Every young person should take a part in training course and change his attitudes, critical thinking and communication. Monika Ashtalkoska