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Training course in Slovakia!

We are looking for 1 participants from Macedonia, aged between 18 – 44 years for a training course “United through education”. It is a project that will be based on the development / creation among youth workers: awareness of a concept of culture and its dimensions, approaches used in non-formal education, problem / conflict solutions in an intercultural context and development of competence in facilitating the learning process (facilitation) activity based on a methodology taken from non-formal education.

The project is an international training of youth workers, leaders of intercultural facilitation organizations, involving 24 youth workers (3 experienced trainers) from Slovakia, Spain, Malta, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, The Republic of North Macedonia and Poland.

Project goals:

-Creating a portfolio with a record of new, innovative methods of social inclusion, with particular emphasis on the notions of: discrimination, stereotypes, refugees, intercultural learning and exclusion

-Reaching the awareness of youth workers about the specificity and complexity of the facilitation process during intercultural meetings and training

-Strengthening the competences of youth workers in the context of planning and implementation of effective educational activities at the international level

-Expression of various dimensions of culture and how they are connected with intercultural learning

-Testing and quality evaluation of developed tools on various groups of excluded youth

-Creation of a portfolio with a set of training methods and tools in an intercultural environment, with particular emphasis on including discriminated groups

Apply for the first part that takes part between 23.05-31.05.2019 in Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia.

Send us motivation letter in English to

Title the e-mail “TC in Slovakia”.

Deadline for the applications is 15.05.2019

More information: United through Education

There will be second mobility of the project in 14-21.09.2019, it will be announced later.