You are currently viewing Training course in Skopje “Think Globally!” in Skopje 08 – 15th March 2016

Training course in Skopje “Think Globally!” in Skopje 08 – 15th March 2016

Participants of the activity (youth workers actively involved in the daily work of their organizations) will improve their knowledge in using creative multimedia tools, and exchange good practices in order to gain digital and communication competences that will support them in the creation of media reports for and with young people, concerning global aspects, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global education, development and cooperation. The combination of methods used in the training course enables youth workers to promote global issues by using online media tools. Participants will be encouraged to engage actively in global education and initiate projects on their own as well. Especially, as they will also take part in an information session about funding opportunities, such as funding and project planning workshops as well. The training course is organized in cooperation with Aar Social Development Association (ASDA ry) from Finland, the European Youth4Media Network and Volunteers Centre Skopje from Macedonia with the support of the Erasmus+ programme and CIMO Centre for International Mobility in Finland. At the same time today 9th of March VCS in Skopje is hosting the 11th General Assembly of the European Youth4Media Network an association of 49 organizations from 32 countries, working in the field of citizen media and media education of young people.