You are currently viewing The Training Course ‘Gender Talks’ in Struga, Macedonia from 4th to 13th April 2016

The Training Course ‘Gender Talks’ in Struga, Macedonia from 4th to 13th April 2016

Training course ‘Gender Talks’ is organize by Macedonian organization Volunteers Centre Skopje  and the Danish television  Indvandrer TV from Aarhus and is taking place In Struga, Macedonia from 4 to 13 April 2016. Through the project activities 34 participants from different organization and institutions who work in this field coming from 12 countries (Denmark, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Germany, Romania, Italy and Poland) will have an opportunity to develop their competencies especially in the areas of gender, media and project management.

Media play significantly important role in the process of creating or breaking gender based stereotypes and moreover media have powerful role in raising awareness of public and bringing new topics on public agenda. And by this training course we aim to increase competencies of the participants to apply various media tools in their practices and tackle gender issue that matters for them.

The training course would be open for youth workers strongly interested in the key issues – gender; gender based discrimination, media and motivated to transfer their new competencies in their practices. The training is including as experience youth workers as newcomers in way to support learning process between both groups. On the 8th of April we will have guest speaker from China Professor Ms. Qi Wang, University of Southern Denmark who make presentation and will speak on the topic “Gender Inequality in China”. This project is organized with the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission.