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TC Seed for sustainable development-Rudnik

  Each day was filled with activities, learning, fun and sharing. The facilitators did a great job and taught us a lot of things about sustainable development and what we can do to change our realities. We had the chance to experience a different kind of non-formal education from open-space sessions to workshops and team work. At the end we all got to know each other and learn something new about each other culture in the intercultural evenings. We had lots of activities outside and felt how it’s like to work in the beautiful nature of Rudnik.
All of this led to having lots of ideas that we can implement after the finishing of this project. We did a brainstorming and came up with several ideas about videos that will reflect what we can to for sustainable development, and many more ideas that we are planning to do.
    These whole Training course was amazing, we had a great time and met a lot of people from different countries and made connections for a life time.