TC NFE: Let the Young People Learn by Ivana Peykovska

This time we are all here in Struga to learn and share information and skills connected with alternative ways for education. The beginning is to get to know each other, to make a team or a family that is able to cooperate and work together. We must adjust to the environment we ourselves provide to the project venue. For those of us who are experiencing the project atmosphere for the first time it is a thrill or an option to fight some personal fears but the real aim is to build an open society piece by piece, step by step so that we don’t face so many stereotypes but focus on the individual personality. After we surpassed the adjustment time here in “NFE: Let the young people learn” we faced the differences between the formal, non formal and informal education. Through several activities we experienced what is what and which type of education will bring a better education to future generations, as with the development of the world we all share for all that is old comes the time to be changed by something better and more useful and fitting to the needs of life. In case some of us came here to share their own experience we were happy to provide a stage to show what they know. We originally called it “open space” but it turned out to be a great combination of workshops connected with topics ranging from a healthy lifestyle to the creative use of social media, from creative writing to self-branding methods. Since we already knew a lot about new learning possibilities it was also good to try ourselves to create some new activities which can be implemented in the youth projects. The outcome was fascinating. As a person who is in the Erasmus + (Youth in Action Programme) family for years I can say that some really great new practices were born here in Struga. … It is just a new day here in Struga, we are starting to come to the workshop room but… What is going on? Why is the room locked? We are slowly going into a new problem that faces all types of education-discrimination.  Through a simulation games we put ourselves into other people’s reality. And it is hard to believe but it’s true, there are many people around us judged by their background and usually it’s a negative discrimination unfortunately. And we are all here on these Have you ever been to Macedonia? Or maybe I should ask if you know where it is? Have you ever heard of Erasmus +  (Youth in Action Programme) projects all around Europe? For me personally the core of this actions is to unite people and the topics of all projects are just a piece that we put a stress on but after we are all here together and we have a world together to make it better. If you doubt trying just come and meet people who may be claimed your enemies in the society and discover that we are all only the new generation of this world that is trying hard to be better and united instead of fighting. with one main point that goes to all sorts of events Youth in Action provides-it is the idea of being all together and to prove we can work all together no matter where we come from and what reality is facing us. We are here in a family that doesn’t reject or exclude but to fight discrimination in our societies we should keep promoting this idea. … “With the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union”