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SOUP sharing

Would you like to have a SOUP with us? For 2 years we had a pleasure to work with an extraordinary project “SOUP sharing”. We were brainstorming with the partners, inspiring a community change and having an actual soup all together. Now the time came to pass it forward. To guide you through the SOUP concept and inspire you to apply it in your communities, we prepared a “Handbook for Local Community Development Through SOUP”.

You may ask what SOUP is, if you still haven’t heard. It is a model that was used a few years ago in Detroit, USA, and is now practiced in almost 200 cities around the world. SOUP is a micro-granting public dinner celebrating and supporting creative projects and communities around the world. The pitchers present their concepts and the audience donates and votes for the most liked pitch. The winner receives collected money from the tickets. There is a time for networking while enjoying warm soup.

Did you like the concept? Take a look into this handbook and maybe you will be the next SOUP organizer!

Handbook is created as part of the KA2 project “SOUP sharing” in the frames of Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. The organizer and applicant of the project is our partner from Denmark – Passion Udflugt. The other partners are AMICS (Spain), Check-In (Portugal), Allianssin nuorisovaihto (Finland), Community Laboratories (Lithuania), Skola6 (Latvia) and Udruga Kreaktiva (Croatia). The aim of the project “SOUP sharing” is to integrate the concept of social crowdfunding across European cities on the principle of the SOUP in Detroit.