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Say “Hola” to our new Spanish VET’s

Welcome to our new Spanish VET students from Catalonia. They will stay for 2 months in Skopje and work in a dentist’s office (Onyx Dent). In Spain, they study at the same school to become dental hygienists and they came here to gain more experience. We are happy to have them here!

Manu, 18 

Meet Manu. He is currently in his first year of studying to become a dental hygienist. His big dream is to open a restaurant on the beach. In his free time he likes to do sports and play football with his friends. He is curious to see what surprises Macedonia has in store for him. 

Valerie, 19

Meet Valerie. After finishing her dentist hygienist school this summer, she will start her police school. In her free time she likes to do sports like taekwondo. She has a black belt and is multiple champion in her home Catalonia. She also loves baking and spending time with her family and friends. In her time here she wants to explore Macedonia and its neighbouring countries.