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New seven from Spain to do internship in Macedonia!

In the middle of last week we got seven young students from Spain as part of the VET program. When they came to visit the office a few days ago, we had a chance to interview them and get to know them a little bit.

All of them are coming from Barcelona and are studying clinical and biomedical laboratory. Main reason for them to come here is to complete the VET program which lasts 2 months, but also to see beautiful Macedonia and its culture. They are amazed how different this country is compared to Spain, from buildings to culture. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Raul, 20
This happy guy likes to play football, have car rides and stay with family and friends. He wants to get everything out of this opportunity to be here. He came with a positive attitude and thinks that it will make this stay here even more enjoyable.

Marta, 19
Marta hopes to experience a lot of things in Macedonia to learn and grow as person.  She is a sensitive person and had a bit of a culture shock, but still likes Macedonia. In her free time, she likes to train boxing.

Daniela, 18
Dancing, rolling skating and music are a few examples of things that she likes. She describes herself as funny and polite. Being in Macedonia gives her a great opportunity to improve her language skills and meet new people.

Raul, Marta and Daniela are having their internship in PZU Dijagnosticka laboratorija RAMUS.

Lorena, 19
She came here to get new experiences from abroad, to see and learn how they do things here compared to Spain. Lorena is a cheerful person and likes to spend time with people she loves, but also to meet new people and discuss with them to get more knowledge.

Carlotta, 19
When she arrived in Macedonia, she was instantly amazed by the mountains and views. Carlota wants to meet local people, try things from Macedonia, see the city and party with friends. She’s a bit shy and curious, also happy to be here.

Aina, 19
She came here to get to know the Macedonian culture. Her hobbies are archery and reading, and she is funny with good humor. She has already been to Korea and would love to visit China and Japan soon in future.

Aina, Lorena and Carlotta are having their internship in Clinic for oncology-lab.

Luisa, 19
Luisa was born in Columbia and she moved to Spain when she was 8 years old. She is fascinated about people, culture, and views here. Macedonia is something totally new for her, and she wants to explore this beautiful country more.

Luisa is having her internship in Farmahem lab.

We welcome our Spanish group and wish them the best time for them in Macedonia!