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My EVS Story: Dimitar Trajanovski

Curiosity, discovering new cultures and the need to search for something new are some of the reasons that made me go to Poland. I think any country on Earth has its own beauty and has something unique to be seen. 

Wrocław – the city where I live now is the fourth largest city in Poland. I can say it is the most beautiful city in Poland. It is a historic city of Silesia, and today is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Over the centuries, the city was part of Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia and Germany, but in 1945 again became part of Poland as a result of the changing of borders after the Second World War. Wroclaw was also chosen as European Capital of Culture for 2016. Styles of art such as Baroque, Gothic and Flemish renaissance occur throughout the architecture of this city. You don’t need much to fall in love with Wroclaw.

Daily activities in “Multicultural Language Cafe” I have been in Poland four months now. My coordination and host organization is Semper Avanti and I work on a project called “Multicultural Language Cafe”. Everyday we have different activities such as organizing workshops in high schools in the area of human rights and various presentations on countries where EVS volunteers are from. I hold conversation classes in English and teach Macedonian folklore dances to the elderly in “Sector 3” which is an organization that works mostly with helping older people. I also hold lectures in the Serbian language for beginners in “Mediateka” and help at the Family house – a home with adopted children with various activities in their free time.

Macedonian Cultural Evening “Club pod kolumnami”, Wroclaw – Poland I have always believed that Macedonia has something to be proud of and whenever people ask me where I come from, I always respond with a love for my country. Although our country is small in area, everyone should know that we are people with great heart and soul. Thus, on the seventh of December in Wroclaw, Poland at “Club pod kolumnami ” with the help of my host organization, I organized Macedonian cultural evening. My role was to lead that cultural event. Through the presentation of our natural resources, cultural and tourist attractions, our well-known food and wine to our rich folklore, music, tradition, hospitality and kindness, I tried to capture Macedonia’s spirit for an audience from across Europe