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Meeting Next Generation / Positive practices from ESC

Today we had a meeting with the Next Generation in our office in a frame of dissemination of the Erasmus+ project “Advocacy for Human Rights: Share to Change” – a project that aims to work together to uphold freedom and equality. During the meeting, we exchange positive practices from VCS 15 years of experience and explained the process of hosting and sending ESC volunteers. We had a presentation of our organization and way of working, and we went step by step through the process of being a hosting and sending organization and what are the responsibilities for the organization. Starting from applying for Quality label to be able to host and send ESC volunteers to the process of finding the volunteers, applying visa and other official things, to the very steps of already hosting volunteers and how does it look like. During the meeting, we also shared good practices between our organizations and in general. Our previous and current volunteers were giving some points of view about how everyday life things should be organized when it comes to hosting volunteers, and making them feel comfortable in the new environment. In the end, we shared lunch together while still brainstorming and sharing personal experiences about the field.