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Meet our new Italian group!

Last Thursday, VCS welcomed their first VET-students group from Italy! During 1 month these students will work in different fields and roles, such as waiter and receptionist as a part of their training. All the students come from different parts of Italy and in addition to work they have the opportunity to discover Macedonia and learn about a new culture. 

Erika, 17

She came here with a mission to discover something new and different, and so far Erika thinks it’s going well because she has already met a lot of new and welcoming people. For her, hanging out with friends is very important and she’s looking forward to doing the same here!

Lisa, 17

Lisa’s curiosity to visit new places brought her here to work, and she is more than excited about that. After visiting the center and the fortress Kale she was amazed at the beauty of it. Lisa’s ten years’ experience of swimming tells that she really likes sport. 

Federico, 17

Federico’s interest in Skopje arose after seeing multiple monuments during his first weekend, but one of the main reasons to come here was to improve his working and language skills. He finds his happiness by watching football and other sports, but also chilling at home while watching movies.

Erika, Lisa and Federico will do their internships in Ragusa360 – Rooftop Skopje, an unique event center for celebrations and weddings.

Mariasole, 17

This curious girl can’t wait to learn more about a new culture! Since Mariasole was a child, she found a different style of living and working very interesting. Now she’s curious to make new friends here and also visit different places here in Skopje. 

Mattia R, 17

If he already knew a bit of the Balkans, because he had been to Slovenia and Croatia, Matia came here for the first time. As well as his Italian friends, he wants to improve his English level and have a first job experience.

Francesco, 17

Francesco comes from Bologna, after his parents came from Calabria, in Southern Italy. He went to Skopje before as a child, that’s why he wanted to travel there again: he really enjoyed the people there and felt warmly welcome. He also likes tennis and he’s a volunteer in a church from his hometown, that’s why he hopes to visit some here.

Mariasole, Mattia and Francesco will do their internships in Garden Center Foja.

Mattia M, 17

This catering school student comes from Riccione in Italy. For his first trip, he’s expecting to discover the city and make new friends, as well as improve his English level. If he’s not sure about his future job, he hopes that this first job experience here in Skopje will make him test his personal skills, both in work and everyday life.

Mattia will do his internship in hotel Ambasador.

Pasquale, 25

Studying economics in Bologna, the group leader came to Skopje because he heard a lot of good stuff about the Balkans, that’s why he wanted to discover them, and also lead a group like that to spend some time with adolescents as he wants to become a teacher one day. Otherwise, he likes hiking and trekking, and he can’t wait to visit Matka Canyon and Ohrid lake.

Students come from Istituto Alberghiero Statale “Pellegrino Artusi”, and their sending organization is Uniser.

Katariina Weijo & Youen Le Bris