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Meet Arthur from France!

Hello people, my name is Arthur, I am 23 years old and I am from Bordeaux in France.

To be honest I was actually unemployed before attending Erasmus+ with VCS. It’s a difficult situation of course, but this is a state where everything is possible by the fact that there are a lot of possibilities of actions that can be made. That’s how I see things and how I got here.

I started to join the workforce at eighteen while attending business and computer science classes during the week, but I was never satisfied and I still didn’t start a career.

I jumped and bounced on different jobs over the years. For my last project I attended an ESC program, I was assisting a teacher in a kindergarten in Poland. It completely changed my mind about how experiences are something to build and not something that happens like a miracle. So I think I want to keep repeating this wheel of actions that are valuable for my life.

The idea that I want to express is that everything has properties and good things to take care of. I was kinda isolated from the world when I was a teen and now I want to care less about things that don’t really matter. I am not a superhero that could do everything well, but I want to continue to explore myself and do things to fill my life.

I am gonna spend 3 months in VCS by the BAGAGES+ (Erasmus+ linked with France Travail) dispositive.

Arthur Miraben

Sending organization: Cercle de Qualité