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Meet Adrian and Ivan: New Spanish duo in VCS

From the last week, our VCS family is enriched with 2 new members. Adrian and Ivan are students coming from Tarazona, Spain. They study Administrative Management, and in the frame of the Erasmus+ VET programme (Vocational Education and Training), they will do their practical engagement in our VCS office and several other related companies, to get new international experience in managing, archiving and preparing documents. They will stay with us for the next 3 months.

Let`s hear their intro and first impressions:


Say hello to our new VET student Adrian from Spain. A 21-year-old funny guy, who makes memes and appreciates old music. In his free time, he likes to play with his 3 dogs. He’s excited and happy to explore Macedonia because, as he says, why not!


Greet our new VET student Ivan from Spain. A 22-year-old sports enthusiast. In his free time, besides volunteering at the Red Cross he likes to watch series, and movies and listen to techno! He chose Macedonia because it’s something new and different.