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Making music from trash – KA2 project Musicling

On September 2021 we started an interesting KA2 project with international partners: Musicling – Social entrepreneurship with recycled instruments. The project was developed between partners from Spain, Italy, Greece, and Macedonia. It aimed to get youth to develop skills for their future through creativity and arts, specifically music and crafting. Another key element was to train young people with the tools and skills to start their own entrepreneurship projects related to the topic.

The project promoted business education, social entrepreneurship activities, and environmental values. By creating instruments from recycled materials, we encouraged the youngsters to be more aware of reusing and reducing their waste. The project lasted for 15 months and we successfully finished it a few months ago.

KA2 projects motivate sharing experiences and innovations. It is called Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, therefore the projects have multiple outcomes throughout the months of implementation. We met with the partners in transactional project meetings to plan the activities on a few occasions, firstly in Greece, later in Macedonia, and in Italy. All the partners gave great input on the project’s intellectual outputs: The creation of a learning platform and audio-visual materials. All the materials can be found on a website here.

We took the responsibility of creating videos of eco-entrepreneurs all around the world. Our volunteers planned and recorded a total of 11 videos on our social media channels to inspire other young people to start up their own initiatives. In coordination with the other partners, we wrote chapters on a learning curriculum, which provides tools and resources to hold workshops about the topics of entrepreneurship. Every partner organized multiplier events, in which they collected trash and created instruments with their local community. Our two events gathered over 20 people to come together and use their creativity in crafting instruments from recycled materials and exchange ideas among themselves.

The project had final, blended mobility that took place in Spain. It gathered youngsters from all the partner countries to come together and learn about the project itself, as well as use the tools created in practice. The training empowered the youngsters to start their own projects on recycled instruments, promoted and offered opportunities for entrepreneurship among youth, and increased the capacities of associations and youth workers to disseminate, promote and make projects visible through current social networks, web pages, and audio-visual materials.

Project website

Partners: Xeracion (Spain), K.A.N.E. (Greece), Euro-net (Italy), VCS (Macedonia)