“I can create my own project now, BY MYSELF”

The activities started with team-building activities where we had to learn more about the interesting local facts of the town of Judaberg. After, we took part in brainstorming about characteristics of a good leader, intercultural learning activities and a game called Dignityland, where we needed to make a sustainable social policy for our imaginary society with a name of Dignityland. On our free afternoon day we use the opportunity to discover one of the natural places that Norway is remarkable for, Preikestolen fjord. To get there we had to hike on rocks, snow and ice for about two hours. After exhausting two hours I had the beautiful view of the fjord that transformed the feeling of exhausting into overexcitement. This will stay in my memory for life. It was totally worth it investing every moment to get there.

After visiting the fjord, we finally get to do a real job on the training course sessions. It was the project development activities. People were divided in groups in order to create their own project. At the end, five different potential projects were created were the topic is unemployment, sports, health.

Here I learned more about planning and organizing a project. The most important thing I learned on this training course is the new believe I gained: “I can create my own project now, BY MYSELF”. The activities related to developing and finishing the potential project didn’t finish with the end of the training course in Norway. Our group continued and finished writing the project when we came home. We are applying for a grant soon, wish us luck to get approved.

Emir Slezovikj