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How I will change society: Petar Stevanovic

“Words without action are nothing”

Petar Stevanovic from Skopje, a student at the University “Goce Delcev”, is a big fan of nature. He remembers that since he was a child he was spending a lot of time in his grandpa’s village Vitoliste. Now, his project is about raising awareness in taking care of nature’s health as much as taking care of our health.

What triggered you to start thinking about this project?
– One of the main reasons that I want to make this project is because I want to change the behavior and habit that people have while they are spending time in nature exercising, running, hiking, or just relaxing in the nearest national park or mountain. I just didn’t want to accept the fact that individuals can decide willingly to leave nature worse than they found it.

What do you think this project will change?
– I hope that with this project we can show to people that we can’t have a healthy life if we don’t have healthy nature. Maybe people will think twice before destroying/polluting nature if they know the consequences of it.

What age is the target group?
– From 0-99+. Everyone is the target group. We all live on this one planet. Maybe it’s more important for the young people to be the leaders at this project only because they will be longer on this planet, and we need to make sure to have a healthy planet, and leave even better one for our descendants.

Do you think people will follow and help you with your project?
– I am more than sure that I will have lots of young individuals who are concerned with the same problem that we are facing, and that they will be willing to help me realize my project. I will quote Anne Marie Bonneau: “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Do you have something to say to the people that want to change something, but are not very motivated?
– Words without action are nothing. It always seems impossible until it’s done. Just surround yourself with people that have the same vision and see how things are changing.

Petar Stevanovic